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jack_of_spades ([personal profile] jack_of_spades) wrote2012-12-07 09:50 pm

You're all on my shit list at Pantheon.


Nepeta Leijon
Goddess of Shipping
[personal profile] playpurrtend
You detest this particular troll the most. She represents practically everything against your beliefs. Worst of all, she's a cat person. That's one hell of a crime in your world.

Bro Strider
God of Mischief
[personal profile] plushrumpss
This guy seems to be pretty okay, actually. Though the hat could be a bit more practical and classier. The shades are cool though.

He also seems to know quite a few things about you from his little brother, who's apparently a fan of you. Or something. You aren't too sure what's going on with him.

Karkat Vantas
God of Leaders
[personal profile] adorabloodthristyknight
Here's a little shit you don't hate so much as fucking loathe.

...doesn't mean you don't want him to succeed at whatever it is he's up to nowadays. He reminds you of, well, you sometimes, though he's also really fun to tease and annoy.


God of Humanity
[personal profile] redfiend
This one shares your RAPIER WIT quite a bit, it seems. You also both apparently pick on the same people sometimes.

Kanji Tatsumi
God of Cute Shit
[personal profile] kittenlocket
Yeah, okay, for someone with a god title like that, who the fuck could resist teasing?

Actual Shit List