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2012-12-07 04:11 pm
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[App] Pantheon RP

Player nickname: Bea
Player DW: beaslays
Way to contact you: beaslays @ Plurk, riyutase @ tumblr
Are you at least 15?: Yup.
Current characters: Gabriel

Character: Spades Slick
Fandom: Homestuck
History: Either a link or few paragraphs written here.
Personality: Several paragraphs - the most important application part.
Other: Prepare for lots of angry rants.

Portfolio: Hatred
Explanation: He was introduced as constantly feeling a soul-blackening rage. He also hates everything in the universe. Especially the universe. Blackrom is a specific part of hatred that he also has quite the...experience in.

First-person sample: 100+ words, or a link to Dear Mun or a similar entry with enough length.
Third-person sample: 150+ words, or again another link that satisfies the requirement.
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2012-12-07 04:17 pm
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Them troll kids don't know 'bout the Crew.

Them troll kids don't know 'bout the Crew.

I can be anything I want.