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Information and Contact Post

Hello! This is a journal for an AU version of Spades Slick from MS Paint Adventures. This post is for some general info, as well as for contacting me for any reason at all.

Currently I don't have a name for the AU he originates from, but the basic idea is a city where the Midnight Crew and the Felt wage their gang war while involving Problem Sleuth and co., Bathearst, messy politics, and kids trying to live out their lives. Simply put, an AU where pretty much everyone from MSPA is living in a noir-style city. Also has stabdads, because the idea of gangsters raising kids tickles my fancy.

Oh, and everyone is human.

Also, feel free to contact me, whether the topic is RP related or not. Feedback is also very, very much appreciated.

Comments on this post are screened if anyone wants to talk.